Granny's Mail Art Thumbnails

(part 1 of 3)

with special solipsistic text added postpostally
for the discriminating online viewer

bathing beaches
To scrutinize raptly one of your very own granny's incredibly time consuming mail art collages such as the one above ~ called "mail art" by many "mail artists" because each was made to be "mailed" & it is "art" ~ with special verryspecial text added very briefly believe me not at alllike the tome you now peruse, & you know it is composed especially by your one & only granny for you & you alone & no one else, I promise you truly with all my heart, please simply click with your mouse one of the special tiny versions below of the very special collages, called "thumbnails" by many "designers" because they are the "size" of the "nail" of someone's "thumb" ~ & which your granny has made especially for you because ~ as you know if you have been paying attention ~ you have always been my most utterly beloved grandchild in this unutterably sad & lonely world, you always, always, have been & I think of you every single day, & how much I love you & have always loved you, ever since you were a tiny baby & I washed your little poopy diapers every daybecause your mother was off doing who knows what with that father of yours, I washed them all by hand in my own white bathtub & loved every minute, too, they were the loveliest poopy diapers from your own special lovely bottom & they didn't smell at all, I mean it, so click on a thumbnail now or I don't know what I will do.
Actual Moon  granny artemisVolcano Disturbed  granny artemis

Actual Moon

Volcano Disturbed

Angel Sperms

Hippo Love

14 Heads

Forked Twig

Mosquito George

Limpopo Goofbell

Donkey Girl

Asia Gone

Fidelity Dragon

Finished Hat

Bug Meat

Horsie Legs

Orca Anguish

Tree-frog Genius


Snouts Extended

Bear's Relative

Archegonium Goddess

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1998-2006 granny artemis
inspired by the Realm of Pag-hat